How to name and store clinical images taken in dentistry



Clinical dental imaging is central to patient management these days but the work load associated with taking, naming and storing the images can be excessive.  In my practice I take over 4000 images a month, from the microscope, digital x-rays, a 35 mm clinical camera and the CBCT.  Manually naming and filing all these images is not practical. An automated solution is required.  Not all dental clinical software does this well, with some systems even storing the images in a proprietary database, which is not accessible outside that program.  This locks the user into that particular software vendor.



We have developed simple and effective software to automatically name images from various sources as they are captured.   The patient details are included as a prefix for the original filename, and so a patient’s images can be found easily with any file manager.  The images are moved from a specified source directory to a specified destination directory. The software can also resize jpg and bmp images which is useful if the original images are excessively large, as typical of many SLR cameras. The software runs as a single exe file, does not need to be installed, and does not change your computer in any other way so is not going to upset any other programs.

The image transfer, renaming and resizing can either be done as a one off action by you manually, or else can be set up to be done on a timer automatically. Automatically timed transfer is fantastic for when the patient is in the chair and you are busy with them taking photographs as part of treatment.  It is particularly useful if you are using a wireless SD card in your camera or a direct USB imaging device where images are automatically delivered to a given directory as soon as they are taken.  

We are pleased to offer this software to dentists to help them in their image taking.  And of course when making referrals we would be even more pleased for you to include named images and films to help us look after your patients. The image renaming software can be downloaded from the link above.

I hope that this software saves you time and effort in collecting many patient images.

Any issues: please email me via the email page under this website’s menu item “Referring Dentists”, “Refer a Patient”


This program is freeware and can be copied and used by anyone. We believe this software is reliable and useful, but is provided as is, without warranty, and its use is entirely at the risk of the user. No liability will be accepted by Martin Gale or Ivanhoe Specialist Endodontics for any event or consequence of using this software. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not use this software.