When coming to see us you may find parking in the centre of Ivanhoe to be quite difficult.   But hey, where in town is parking not a hassle these days.   So that’s why we have taken the trouble to put a ten space car park right behind our dental practice.    It’s accessible off Lowe street (the little street between us and Ivanhoe Primary School ).  After parking, follow the foot path up the side of the house to access reception, or come up the long way around the street via the front door if you need the extra exercise!   Oh yes, we do have an electric gate across the car park entrance.  If it is closed then just call us (03 9499 6699) and we’ll open it for you.


Note Bene: Please be advised that you, your vehicle and its contents are present at our premises entirely at your own risk.  Ivanhoe Specialist Endodontics takes no responsibility for damage or loss of property, or for personal injury while you attend with us.