Diagnosis: Fundamental Principles and Methods

by Martin Gale

Did you know that getting a correct diagnosis is the first and most important part of managing a patient. Without a correct diagnosis, disease might be left untreated, or else the wrong treatment might be given! That’s a worry. So diagnosis has to be taken seriously.

This research paper reviews the ways in which a health care worker collects and understands clinical information, and then thinks their way to a diagnosis. Diagnosis is not always straight forward, and can be quite difficult. So knowing a bit about the theory of diagnostic reasoning is always going to improve a clinician’s diagnostic skills.

To help, Dr Gale has recently written a peer-reviewed research article on diagnostic method. You can view or download the paper from here…

Gale M S (September 03, 2022) Diagnosis: Fundamental Principles and Methods. Cureus 14(9): e28730. doi:10.7759/cureus.28730

This paper has been peer-reviewed, which means that other well qualified doctors have independently checked the work before publication, so it can be trusted.

So if you are a health care professional, or are just curious about how diagnoses are made, then this paper will be of interest to you. Take a look.